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Chief Editor and owner of A1 Editorial Service ™ previously Balliett Editorial Services
Jannie Balliett is a published writer, currently writing two paranormal thriller novels with one on the back burner which she began writing over two decades ago. She's been writing for over thirty plus years.

One of her dedication poems, written for and dedicated to her deceased step-son,  "A Brief Young Life," is published in the August 2006 Writers Post Journal Magazine. A mainstream flash-fiction story, "No Choice But Hell" is published in their May 2006 issue, and another flash-fiction thriller, set in historical, literary mystery genre, "Dieudonne," was published in the Nov/Dec 2006 issue of Writers Post Journal. "No Choice But Hell" is also published in an anthology book, On A Whim, offered in Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.

Jannie is a member of Sisters in Crime Internet Chapter, Brazos Writers Group, The Short Mystery Fiction Society, and other author networking affiliations.

She is founder of two writer workshops and actively teaches fiction and creative writing to the novice and intermediate writer, and teaches poetry upon request.  She also teaches advanced writers who are near their publishing stage. She tutors writing and private editing as well as tutoring children with ADD/ADHD in academics.

She was awarded the Phenomenal Women of the Web award of excellence for her online endeavors, which is now since defunct. Since she teaches writing, she's often consulted by more experienced writers, and consults by correspondence and Email.
She helps novice writers on her online workshops, by editing and critiquing their work at no charge, promoting the beginner writer by encouragement and showing them their weaknesses as well as their strengths.

Jannie has been critiquing and editing for over thirty years. "At times," she said, "I'm so immersed in private writing lessons, private editing, and critiquing, I don't have as much time for  my own novels as I would like. This is why I have phased out Balliett Editorial. Recently, I've taken on a lot of book doctoring for self-published authors as well as some published authors that are needing a second opinion by another writer (me). They've found it's easier to have their manuscript ready and not have to deal with the publisher's editors- which saves time. Their books get on the shelves quicker."

Her years of experience in the writing field equips her with the knowledge to help other writers. Her personal goal is to provide a high-quality editing service to fellow writers, utilizing her thirty plus years experience and sharing in the thrill and joy in their publishing success. She has seen her beginner writing students advance to becoming publishers authors.

An editorial service is the final step of preparation to becoming published, And, the editorial process doesn't need be a grueling or painful experience. A1 Editorial (previously Balliett Editorial Service) makes it a pleasant and exciting experience by working with you at your instruction. "We've found that the editorial process actually stimulates the writer's creativity and we have seen many writers improve their story plots as they go through the editorial steps to achieve publishing."

"Every writer deserves his work to be the best it can be, especially after spending long, and sometimes grueling hours, of self-sacrifice and hard effort in their writing endeavor, with all the anticipation of getting published," she said.

A1 Editorial firmly believes that the writing sacrifice is worthy of the bounty of being published and in print. Whether it's poetry, short stories, novellas, or novels, A1 Editorial will help polish and prepare it for submission for publishing with their uniquely personalized flair that they specialize in-- author individuality.

Jannie, A1 Editorial, has editorial acknowlegement for her editorial service and friendship with author Sherwin Hojat in his first published book "Tend Your Garden Within"  offered on Amazon, who also has a blog. He is currently writing his second book.

That's  A1 Editorial's ™ personal goal and guarantee. All services and work is satisfaction guaranteed or any balance owed at time of completion is reduced by 10%!


"In every talented person with a small desire to write-- hides a truly gifted writer,
once armed with a little knowledge and good editing."

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