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Here are some satisfied client testimonials that have been happy with our editing services.

  • Shervin Hojat, Ph.D; author of "Tend To Your Garden Within"
  • Angela Townsend, Townsend Enterprise; author of "Final Fisherman," and "Frozen Fury"
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    Here's what our clients are saying...


    "I love the edits and will make the changes you suggested....so much better! Thank you! Also, I do know a bunch of people for editing and  will work really hard to keep you busy!..."  -- Angela Townsend, author

    "... BTW, thanks for all the suggestions you sent me. I fixed them all and learned a lot by your valuable comments. I used the new knowledge to fix the rest of the chapters ( 7 hours straight)..." --Shervin Hojat, author

    (A1 Editorial is listed in the acknowledgment credits in "Tend To Your Garden Within"  http://www.tiberpubs.com/publications.htm )


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    • Vanessa Mitchell
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    • Christo and Luise Van Eeden "Katie and the Pig"

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