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In addition to our training and seminar programs, we also offer the
One-On-One Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Works!

Get one-on-one support and advice to help you
learn and improve your writing skills and knowledge by Mentoring

Do you need a personal mentor who could help you achieve your writing goals?
And a mentor to guide you along the way with the benefits of their years of experience?

Introduction to Individual Mentoring

How do you know if your writing has potential? How do you figure out why you keep getting rejection slips? What are you doing wrong—and what are you doing right?  How can you improve your writing skills, get published, and make more money from your writing? I am a successful freelance writer and author, professional editor, and will provide you with one-on-one mentoring to suit your individual need, including honest and professional feedback that you need to identify your strengths and turn your weaknesses into assets! Get some real, honest, helpful feedback on your writing today and you could possibly get published.

Personal Mentoring can help you:

  • Earn $1,000 or more per month from your writing—from the comfort of your home, as a freelance writer
  • Turn your writing weaknesses into strengths and improve
  • Stay focused so that you're writing for the best markets—ones targeted to your expertise and experience
  • Help you improve your problem writing areas because you'll speak with your mentor on a personal level, one-on-one by phone and email both.

Here's how it works:
  • You'll complete a questionnaire to help me determine your writing background, experience, interests, goals and dreams for your writing, and to get to know you and your lifestyle a bit better.
  • Then you'll submit a sample (up to 1,000 words) of your writing for me to review and critique in detail.
  • I will review your sample to identify your strengths and weaknesses and provide personalized feedback you can use to further develop your writing according to your goals and dreams—including references and resources that can assist you, a complete summary of your strengths and weaknesses, passive voice versus an active voice, sentence structure, and cutting the fat (unnecessary verbage) and non-individual pointers on turning your weaknesses into assets, potential markets for your work/style of work, genre, and more.
  • I will respond to you by email. Then schedule a time for a 30-minute live mentoring session when we'll discuss the feedback by IM or telephone, but please indicate dates/times of your availability and your preference, and I'll answer all of your questions, and provide you with some real advice you can use. You'll have my undivided attention and the entire focus will be on you.
  • You'll speak to me one-on-one to focus on your writing and your writing career for 30 minutes or longer if needed. I'll provide you with feedback, critiques, guidance, advice, market suggestions, and direction to help you!
  • I will recap all recommendations in a follow-up email to you.

Professional Fee

Fee is just $150 for the Introduction to Individual Mentoring, then the hourly rate.

At this point, you can decide if you'd like to continue your mentoring relationship with me. If so, you'll resubmit your writing—after you've applied my suggestions and advice, and updated the piece for my personal, additional review.

I will then follow-up with another email providing you feedback on the changes you've made, and the two of us will work together to determine how I can help you the most to achieve your individual goals. You'll focus on what you expect and want to achieve. The two of us will arrange a schedule of emails, critiques, and telephone sessions, as needed and desired, to help you meet your individual needs. It's all about you—and helping you achieve your writing goals. The mentoring relationship may continue as long as you find it beneficial.

Professional Mentoring Services must be purchased in advance in one-hour increments. The current rate is $50 per hour.

This fee includes my time spent reviewing and critiquing your writing, corresponding by email, and mentoring sessions by telephone or IM chat You may chose to work with me by email to have your work critiqued and receive feedback on specific pieces of writing or work with me by telephone or chat, to set your goals, keep you accountable for your progress, and encourage and motivate you, or a combination of all—whatever you need to generate your best results. My goal is to help you and teach you, achieving your writing goals.

You will use your telephone time in 30- or 60-minute increments or chat at no charge to you, and all time will be pre-scheduled so that you get maximum benefit from each of your sessions.

Instructor: Jannie Balliett, published author, published freelance writer, and professional editor Visit my personal
author web site. I am a  published author and help self-published authors as well as any writer, alike.


Course Payment Information
Space is limited so Register Today for $150.00

I accept PayPal and its credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover and all bank cards.

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