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Editorial quality of your work will make the difference of getting published or receiving loads of rejection letters that will fill a filing cabinet. No one wants to read a book that's riddled with grammatical errors, typos and incorrect punctuation. However, even the best writers make mistakes and miss errors while editing. Good writers can miss poor sentence structure and missing nouns while editing their own work- the writer doesn't "see" it because he knows what he is saying, and becomes blind to the errors, yet his reader won't.


We call editing "removing writer's glasses and putting on reader's glasses."

Editorial services are your reader's glasses.

If you've finished your manuscript and your friends and relatives have told you that your book is good, even great, then you probably think the next step is finding a literary agent, or submitting your manuscript to publishers, or maybe you are considering self-publishing your book. 

But, have you asked yourself if you should have your manuscript edited and critiqued by an editing service?

Have you talked yourself out of it because you have a spell checker and have proofed it many times yourself?

Have you convinced yourself it's unnecessary or too expensive?

  Copy editing, complete line editing, and content editing, are a must for writers who strive for perfection.

Whether traditional publishing is your choice or self publishing is, both demand the same attention of editorial expertise. If you are serious about your writing and it's not just a hobby, then you will increase your chances of getting published by having your manuscript edited by a professional editorial service. You can have peace of mind knowing it is a professional manuscript when you submit it.

Publishing editors read manuscripts, and if yours is full of errors, however slight, they will most likely put it aside or throw it in the slush pile then pick up another manuscript to read. While they are looking through numerous manuscripts to choose from, their first choice is an obvious, the professional manuscript that catches their eye. They know the author is a professional, whether a new and unknown writer or a published one.

There's far too many manuscripts submitted (if the publisher accepts unsolicited manuscripts at all) to spend time with one that has author errors and the lack of professionalism needed to grab their attention. It's too expensive and time consuming for the publisher to edit an error-riddled manuscript in order to ready it for print on the basis the author is a talented writer.

Literary agents won't accept new writers as clients when they read a manuscript full of errors. Their first impression is that the writer isn't ready and the obvious fact, he didn't invest in himself and hire an editorial service to prepare for his publishing venture that he's about to embark on. Literary agents are the writer's partner in the venture and he has to know you are ready and marketable, just as you have to know he is a professional and can market you.

Talent isn't the only requirement needed to get published. Talent and professionalism is the winning combination to impress editors and to noticeably increase a positive impression.

Editors will continue to read a well-prepared manuscript that is professional and free of errors, easy to read, interesting, and outlined well-- and written by a talented writer.

You can choose to skip this important step of utilizing an editorial service and self- publish, but once in print, the errors can't be corrected-- or undone. And, choosing to skip editorial services does not save you money as one might think-- it actually cost you money and time. Money that's wasted mailing manuscripts that won't be read, not counting your paper and printer ink, and your time waiting weeks with anticipation for any kind of affirmation, and the long-awaited letter of interest.

We invite you to peruse our menu of editing services then select the service(s) you are interested in and e-mail us for our professional recommendation to customize a service that suits your individual needs. We will provide a sample of service if you would like to submit a sample chapter...


We look  forward to working with you in your success.

 Copy editing, content editing, complete line editing- and more. See "Services."

Our editorial specializes in character and plot development, and services are tailored
to your individual needs and challenges.
Our goal is to get you ready for publishing or POD print, not just editing.
Our work is grounded in real writing and editorial issues to produce tangible,
bottom line manuscripts ready to submit or print. 

Find out more About Us, then look at our Services to make your possibilities a reality...

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For free sample editing before you decide, send your inquiry and your questions, comments, or ideas, to a1editorialservice@yahoo.com.  For issues that are of particular interest to the the writing community, we may publish (with your permission) your questions along with our answers our web site. Go to "Ask The Expert."

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"In every talented person with a small desire to write-- hides a truly gifted  writer, once armed with a little knowledge and good editing."