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Writing Books

Where do I find services for editing a story once I've finished writing it? What about copyright before sending it out of my hands? Thank you-- Izzy B




I am an editor.

If you would like, send it through my editing service, A1 Editorial at:


There is a contact page. You can go directly to my "contact us" page at:


Do a word count on your story, and I will give you an estimate.

Then, you can send it to me in rich text format (saved as .rtf).

If you have PayPal, I can invoice you, or you can join up for a free personal PayPal account when you receive the invoice via email.

Our fees vary depending on your needs.

As far as copyright, just put the copyright 2008 your name at the bottom. That is your claim that it is yours.



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Questions & Answers taken from AllExperts.com in my writing books category where I am an expert. These are many various questions I receive daily.