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Subject: realistic fiction/non fiction
Question: Good Afternoon,

I am in the mist of completing a Novel which resembles the story of my life. The characters are based largely on people who have influenced situations that I write about and it is in third person. So my question is this; if I have altered identifying traits, names, physical appearances and geographical areas, as well as made changes to the situations to include embellishments, additions and deletions leaving the over all story intact. Would it be okay that I tell my story if it is from my (third person)point of view? Do I need to add a note informing the reader of this fact?  What is your opinion of publishing under a pen name?

Thanks so much!
Answer: No. There is no need to have any statement.

You have written it in the third person narrative, changed names, places, etc., and are marketing it in the "fiction" genre.

Any resemble to anyone is purely coincidental. There is no need to explain that to anyone.

You will be fine since you've changed all true facts and only based it on real facts as a story plot.


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Questions & Answers taken from AllExperts.com in my writing books category where I am an expert. These are many various questions I receive daily.