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Subject: Don't Trust the Trusted
Question: Hi Jannie. My names Jordan and I need some help. Okay, so a couple years ago I had this idea for a story and decided to start writing it, (I think I was 13). So I wrote a couple pages out, and didn't like it. So about 2 years later after reminiscence about it, I had started a completely new version of it, re-wrote that one too. I'm now 16, and for once want to go go and keep going. I created characters, plot, chain of events, pretty much the basic stuff your taught in school. Anyways I just want to know how. I mean how do these writers do it? Do they just put the pen to a paper or finger to a keyboard and just "go"? Because its hard, almost like a fear to start. And I know it can be good, I just don't know where to begin. I don't know maybe you cant help me and I'm just a writer's block or something. But please any advice or further information would be greatly appreciated

No, you don't have "writers block," you have 'need to learn to write before you start' syndrome.

This is when an amateur wants to write and doesn't know how or where to begin.

First, you can write down anything you want, in whatever manner, not knowing the basics, and re-read and edit changing to improve and then continue to write more.

Practice, practice, practice.

But, you still won't know "how" to write-- and write well. You can have the best story plot ever written, and not write it well.

To write well, you NEED  & HAVE to have 3 things:

1) Natural talent

2) Knowledge of writing basics and rules, i.e. writing education and practice.

3) Join Online writer groups and writer workshops for beginners. More seasoned writers will  help you.

     They will critique your work that you post, and explain what you are doing right, and doing wrong.

This is a must. A writers group. Writers with writers helping each other by sharing knowledge and experience.

You won't be able to write until you learn to write using all the writing basics and rules; the do's and don't's.

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Questions & Answers taken from AllExperts.com in my writing books category where I am an expert. These are many various questions I receive daily.