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Question: Hi, I am writing a book on my laptop. I save and store a copy on a DVD RW.  Which is the best format to save it? I remember someone stating that one should save in RTF so it may be read on other computers. Please advise, Thanks
Answer: Yes.

Rich Text Format (.rtf) retains formatting.

Text Format (.txt) does not but can be read in different programs.

I prefer Rich Text Format for all my manuscripts and correspondence.

Subject: Sources of Information

Dear Jannie,

I have gathered a lot of information and I want to put together this in a book that will be useful to those fighting white collar crime. I have outlined the chapters and each one will be reinforced with a real-world case.

      Two questions:

1)  This will be my first book so I would appreciate your suggestions on how to find an

      agent/editor/publisher. I have the information but I do not have the economic means.

2)  By including real world cases, I would have to use companies and individuals' names. I will use those

      who have been convicted and sentenced. The information related to those cases is all over the



Any suggestions on how to avoid getting myself in trouble for this?

I appreciate your assistance and thank you for contributing your time!



Answer: Hello Lyllian,

I presume this novel is non-fiction.  

Therefore, you can use real cases as in the media and public. This is public knowledge.

The only concern would be the real people involved, using their real identities; i.e. you can not add to the pure facts as sighted in your research-- or face multiple liabilities.

What you will have to do is, create an index of your resources which is then included in the back of the book. This is your complete source of your information/resources. Keep each and every fact true to your source. The only thing you are allowed as an author, is your own opinions in a summary such as essay style, within your book, stating your opinion and theory, and not factual.

As far as agents and publishers-- you can't get to publishers without going through an agent. Publishers no longer accept unsolicited manuscripts. (99% of them) Therefore, you need an agent. Select agent(s) that represent non-fiction, then query them about your book. An agent(s) that is interested and knows he can sell it to one of his clients (publishers) will ask to send the manuscript for him/her to read first.

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Questions & Answers taken from AllExperts.com in my writing books category where I am an expert. These are many various questions I receive daily.