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If you have been referred by one of our customers, please fill out the referral form on our Referrals menu.
You will receive a 10% discount on your services, however, this does not include
the down payment to begin your service.

Sample Submissions:
Email one short chapter or a few pages in rich text format (.rtf) ONLY and we will provide you with a full sample edit for you to decide if our service is right for you. Double-space your sample allowing more room for editing. Have your sample formatted properly as if already published or being submitted to a book publisher.
Limit is one chapter of novella, novel, or maximum 1000 word story sample. 
Editing Submission:
Submit all submissions in rich text format (.rtf). I prefer double spaced lines, proper and paragraph indention, with 1" margins all around. Please use either Times New Roman
or Palatino LinoType fonts.This allows for easier reading and room to edit in margins.



Content editing includes complete line editing, and accuracy will be ensured for consistency of content and extensive, optimum focus on restructuring of sentences. Fiction genres: Focusing on maintaining consistency of the details in the plot, characters, and setting. Nonfiction: Monitoring consistency of information.

Prerequisite: Complete line editing

Time:   approximately 3 weeks
Cost:    .24 cents/word



As any publishing professional knows, the conversion process from manuscript to published book is not fool proof. Even the best copyeditor in the business or the most careful author will miss a few errors. Traditional publishers usually proof read a manuscript twice. This character-by-character proof read is highly recommended. 

Prerequisite: Copyedit, Complete line edit, or Content edit
Time:   approximately 2 weeks
Cost:    .10 cents/word



Your manuscript will be evaluated by the paragraph, chapter, and book levels and you will be provided with a sample of the developmental work that needs to be done.

After you approve the sample, we will continue to make recommendations throughout the remainder of the manuscript.

For fiction works, we will analyze the readership and genre to determine whether the content is appropriate and examine essential considerations such as plot, pace, characterization, and dialogue.

For nonfiction, we will analyze the readership, purpose, and possible uses of the work to determine that the content is complete and appropriate; that concepts are developed adequately; that material is well organized; and that illustrations, tables, and lists are used effectively throughout.

Developmental edit diagram: The manuscript will then be returned to you, together with a summary of requested revisions. You can make these changes or purchase the services of book doctoring to help make the alterations. In most cases, the completed developmental edit will include an estimate for book doctoring. Once the changes have been made, the manuscript will undergo a content edit, as described above, at no additional cost.

Time:   approximately 6 weeks
Cost:    .45 cents/word


Changes recommended in the developmental edit that you have approved, will be implemented. After completion of the revisions, a content edit will be performed. In order to receive the services of book doctoring, you must first purchase a developmental edit. At the end of the developmental edit, a price quote for the book doctor fee will be provided.

Prerequisite: Developmental edit
Timing and Cost:  Estimate based on work needed
(provided with developmental edit)


A thorough check of your manuscript, correcting errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. In addition, industry-standards style will be followed.
Time:   approximately 3 weeks
Cost:    .15 cents/word


Available without an Editorial Evaluation

Some manuscripts may require more work than others. When heavy copyediting is required, the manuscript will be checked for more pervasive errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Suggestions will be given to improve word choice and may recommend sentence restructuring to improve the overall readability.

Prerequisite: Copyediting 
Time:   approximately 3 weeks
(depending on word count)
Cost:    .03 cents/word

Pacing a marketable plot includes sub plots and main plot. Insuring that the plot is detailed and on target, connected and flawless with the sub plots within the story.

Email for evaluated estimate

Insuring each character is developed, adequately evolving, consistent and interacting realistically with other characters. Detailed.

Email for evaluation and estimate


This is quality control, and will scrutinize word choices such as, too many prepositions and prepositional phrases, weak adjectives and verbs, grammatical errors and passive voice. Includes: Copyediting, content editing, proofreading, and developmental editing. These corrections will improve and tighten the manuscript.

Time:   approximately 2-3 weeks
(depending on word count)
Cost:    .45 cents/word


The term "book doctor" often refers to book editors more than an editorial service. However, it is a principle editorial service and a most necessary step in manuscript submission. Book doctor is a comprehensive package of all my listed editorial services combined into a neat package at reasonable savings.

This is an extension, in-depth critique and evaluation of the entire manuscript. Please email us if interested in this service. A general working knowledge of your work; the word count, genre, etc., is required. Then a quote for the book doctor will be provided.
  • Editorial review including feedback on structure, plot, author/narrative voice, dialogue, and other elements 
  • Further development of manuscript 
  • Editing grammar and correct English, tense, and proper punctuation
  • Preparation of the book for printing, including electronic file
  • Providing custom photos for cover, author, as needed
  • Layout of the book cover including fonts and photos if needed
  • Creation of back cover text, summary of the book's contents, and more
 Email  for estimate of book doctor


We will take either a first draft of the manuscript or rough material draft, and write the book in consultation with you. The Chief Editor/Writer will examine materials from you that you provide, and give an estimate together with writing samples for your approval.

Timing: Estimated during the sample stage (see below)
Cost Estimate and Writing Sample: $175 (applied toward total cost- if purchased)

*The fee to write the complete manuscript will depend on the expected length of the manuscript, the materials provided by you, and the amount of independent research expected by us. Variables involved, will be the determining factor of final fee.
We offer critique services for the writer that might not feel ready for editorial services and submission for publishing, but need expert evaluation and assistance prior to the next phase .
Cost :     .05/cents word unless prior arrangements are discussed

Down Payment

In every talented person with a small desire to write-- hides a truly gifted writer,
once armed with a little knowledge and good editing. --A1 Editorial Service

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If not completely satisfied, you may qualify to receive 10% off
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Email for details.